Grace E. Reed is a certified mediator, has a M.A. in conflict resolution, a B.A. in drama therapy, is a creative expression researcher, and specializes in community justice working with addicted at-risk youth on the streets and in juvenile justice. Grace is available as a consultant,
mediator / negotiator. She is also available for lectures, seminars and group counselling.

  • Grace is facilitating “Letters from the Inside/Out,” a Community Justice project. This program involves bridging the gaps between the culture of prison and the community.
  • Grace is a certified mediator and member of Oregon Mediation Association (OMA).
  • Her ongoing guest articles are found on Oregon Mediation Association website,, and
  • Gives seminars using “Relationships in Jeopardy” from One Brain material mediating stress management for couples, groups and individuals.
  • Grace presented the workshop, “Negotiating Shadows” November 8th, 2007 for Oregon Peacemakers Conference at the Oregon Convention Center sponsored by Resolutions Northwest and worked with 150 junior high and high school students from around Oregon, including the Boys of RAD.

Please contact Grace to present the “Negotiating Shadows” and “Relationships in Jeopardy” workshops in your area.

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