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“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”


Negotiating Shadows

How do we negotiate our dark places, our lower base tendencies and bring them into our higher nature, into the place of light and love? The Spiritual path is not an easy one to follow. And yet to be a good person doing good things the we were born to do, we must find a way to bring our darker nature higher and into the light of doing the next right thing. Are any of us born to be dark, ignorant, full of fear, angry, selfish, etc.? We are born to endure life 101 that teaches strength of spirit through trials to victory over ego and self. This is what I have found over the many years living both in the dark and light of my journey.

“Poverty. Children of Poverty suffer the most.”

From my book Negotiating Shadows http://www.negotiatingshadows.com


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