The Magic of Common Sense

It is not easy to walk a Spiritual path. When I was a kid my TsaLaGi influenced grandmother sat me in a circle in the woods on a mushroom hunt and told me to sit there until she came back. It was springtime, light, warm and comfortable. I sat and sat and as a 5 year old got bored and restless. I wanted to jump up and find my grandmother. I knew she was close by but could not see her but she was observing me to see if I would sit in that circle. It was probably 20 minutes or so of me struggling to obey a person I loved or having my own way, an urge very strong coming from a dark place of rebellion that later I learned was ego based thinking. This selfishness and self centeredness fought the common sense of just sitting and enjoying the trees, smell of the woods, the little sounds of life around me rustling under leaves and twigs. My grandmother wanted me to find my true spiritual self in the magic of nature and to lose that dark ego based thinking that she knew would rob me of a good balanced kind and loving life. I sat and obeyed and the reward was wonderful. She was so proud of me and gave me a smile as she reached out for my hand and drew me from that first testing circle of Spirit. I am glad I had this memory of that first test. The ones to come were Shadows and I did not always pass the common sense of simple acceptance. Those test of the soul fought with the Light of being as I continued to Negotiate Shadows for years to come.

Published by Grace E. Reed

Born human. Seeking a way to be a better human. Educated with MA, BA and AA degrees in social justice/human services arena. Elder in Native tradition. Seeking Great Mystery Powers will for me and countless others. Non Violent Communicator. Grateful. Staying Humble as possible. Will die someday a better, freeer human. Staying curious.

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