The Sanity of Zen

We humans are on this planet I choose to name Mother Earth. We humans on Mother are suffering. Most of the life on Earth experiences suffering at times, some more than others. So what’s up with that? Are we born to suffer and eventually just die? Upon investigation from many sources within philosophy, science, religion, phycology, lived experiences, etc. suffering is not necessarily on option. So how do we survive that feeling of vulnerability based on our natural fear based thinking and feeling? We go Zen of course! Zen! What is that? For me Zen is a sane and sober thing to do when I am suffering and in fear. Zen to me is detachment. Detachment is not an easy skill to do when every fiber in your being is to cut and run or stay and fight the fear. But it must be a skill to be mastered if I am to stay sane. As a recovered alcoholic/drug addict I must be especially vigilant when feelings of fear, anger and resentment pop up. The Zen in me comes from a Power greater than myself that puts my ego, my self-centeredness, my darkness into its proper place where it can be investigated and where it cannot harm me. I turn to the Power greater than myself daily and ask for sanity, courage, faith and the ability to be of service to help anyone or anything that suffers. I am grateful for the gift of wisdom to be able to turn to a Great Mystery for help when I am off balance. And so do all we humans living our lives doing the best we can with what we have seeking light and love. May peace and love find us all. Zen rocks!

Published by Grace E. Reed

Born human. Seeking a way to be a better human. Educated with MA, BA and AA degrees in social justice/human services arena. Elder in Native tradition. Seeking Great Mystery Powers will for me and countless others. Non Violent Communicator. Grateful. Staying Humble as possible. Will die someday a better, freeer human. Staying curious.

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