A Blessing & A Curse

Ok so the C-19 virus is a horrible thing to happen to us world wide. It is being compared to major wars and events in the past. Our hearts go out to all who died and all who are suffering. Heroes are now our doctors, nurses, bus drivers, truck drivers, stock people who keep grocery shelves full(ish). To all the front line people who deliver food, teach via computer screen, social workers, police, etc. Hugh gratitude to you all.

The C-19 event is also a blessing. It has forced the world to unite with a common cause to fight a darkness that is frightening. It has forced the human race to go inside (literally) and to go inside the self to check out who we are, what our capacity is and how we are to be. Kindness is coming out of people who want to help. This is a blessing that is uniting the whole world to evaluate ethics and practices. It is forcing arrogance to its knees.

It is as if Mother Earth has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we have done to the environment, to our fellow human travelers on Mother Ship, to ourselves as we buy into the shallow and inane and is asking us to come out when we have chosen to be authentic human beings. I suspect the world is and will be changed by this blessing and curse. Our challenge is to not return to the same old selfish, self-centered, shallow, unproductive ways of doing and being. I look forward to what is ahead for us all entering into the Light and Love of a Peaceful better world.

Published by Grace E. Reed

Born human. Seeking a way to be a better human. Educated with MA, BA and AA degrees in social justice/human services arena. Elder in Native tradition. Seeking Great Mystery Powers will for me and countless others. Non Violent Communicator. Grateful. Staying Humble as possible. Will die someday a better, freeer human. Staying curious.

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