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This website is designed to give you an overview into the work of Oregon author Grace E. Reed, a skilled mediator and therapist who has been helping people “negotiate their shadows” for many years in a variety of fields.

What does “negotiating shadows” mean?

When people encounter conflict, stress, confusion, and make bad choices in their lives, they are creating shadows. Shadows can take different forms. Grace facilitates techniques to “negotiate shadows.”

Meet Grace E. Reed

Grace is a passionate advocate for positive change in individuals, groups, and society, with a special emphasis on youth-at-risk. To learn more of Grace’s services, please explore the various sections of this site. Grace has skills and experience in Mediation, Education, Drama Therapy, and Counseling.

Grace is currently a contributor to several online journals and radio. Details on the Profile, Resume and Contact Info page.


Negotiating Shadows Book

Grace is the author of several books, including:

Negotiating Shadows

Now available from George Ronald Publisher Ltd.
ISBN: 978-0-85398-560-0


A book written after a two year exposure and research with addicted at-risk youth on the streets and in juvenine justice, aged 13 to 17.
Available for $14.95

ISBN 978-1-4276-4477-0

Now available through Amazon Kindle

Deatails on these and other books by Grace can be found on the Books page.

Upcoming Workshops:

Power of Poetry for Conflict Resolution

At Various Portland Locations

These workshops are designed to give practical hands on skills using poetry as a communication tool for conflicted people, especially youth, based on a two-year creative expression research published in Grace E. Reed’s book Needs and Negotiating Shadows

The workshop is for Parents - Grandparents - Teachers - Counselors - Social Workers - ADD/HD Specialist - Foster Care - Juvenile Justice - Clergy

For more information, contact Grace: uafpsu [at] yahoo [dot] com

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